TATTOO Artists

crystal alexandria


Crystal Alexandria is a Vancouver based, queer, versatile, self-taught artist. Her tattoos range from mind-bending geometric patterns and colourful Neo Traditional flowers, skulls, and animal portraits. She takes great care to make sure all her clients leave happy, and is truly grateful for the connections she makes with each & every one. 

Books 2-3 months in advance

$200  deposit

72  hour cancellation period

$200/hr and piece work depending  on size, detail, and colour

Shannon O'Shea


Shannon O’Shea is a Vancouver based multi-disciplinary artist. Shannon’s tattoo style ranges from fantasy photo-realism to bold and detail neo-traditional. She started off tattooing in the style of blackwork and from there wanted to try everything. She never fears a challenge and is a master of cover-ups and complex large scale pieces. Some of her favourite thematic content to tattoo includes but is not limited to: anything fantasy based, mythological, magickal, metal, occult, and dark realism. 

Books 3-6 months in advance

$200 deposit

48 hour cancellation period


*If  Shannon’s forms  are over  quota,  check  her IG  @thewaterwitch  to  see  if  her  books  are  open



Stephanie is a fine line, black and grey tattoo artist based out of Vancouver, BC. Highly inspired by nature and the world around her, Steph specializes in plants and botanicals, while incorporating other-worldly elements, resulting in an ethereal style, unique to her. To sum up her style: she’s a cosmic, nature artist who exposes the magic in everyday life through surrealism work. . 

Books  1  months  in  advance

Deposit  $50

Hourly  $180

48  hour  cancellation  Policy

Ashley Nicole


Professionally tattooing since 2012, Ashley Nicole later found her passion specializing in dot work, using a technique called pepper shading. Her work is a blend of both neotraditional with the use of bold lines, as well as a mix of fine line tattooing which can be seen in some of her semi-realism pieces.

Booking 1-3 months in advance

Deposit   $100

Hourly  $190  and  piece  work

48  hour  cancellation policy